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Virtual Reality & 3Dl

VR, literally virtual reality or false reality, simulates an environment through a computer or a special camera to immerse the user in an experience of which he is part of. This way it seems like you are in another reality. With a VR-viewer you can wear a display in front of your eyes. The screen is enlarged, so every eye sees half of the screen. Through this stereoscopic effect the illusion of depth is created. This picture is called 3D. Through head-tracking a user can look around, because all the images are 360 degrees and the movement of the head is determined.

Virtual communication for meetings, presentations, or training can all be made more lifelike, immersive, and impactful by using VR. For example, a company can create a simulation of a conference room with furniture, art, and fixtures so all the participants feel as though they are sitting in the same room. Training sessions can also be enhanced, particularly in learning new skills or procedures that require a high level of hands-on detail and experience.



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