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Mobile Marketing

Our mobile marketing team gives voice to locals all over the world by breathing life into their recommendations. Our job is to use vibrant, succinct language to inspire wanderlust in our readers. We will be doing interviews on locals, find out their favorite spots in their city, and write about their recommendations in a first-person voice. We will also be writing marketing typescripts for all audiences especially of 21-39-year-old working adults.

Euro ITS have to make sure that we excite them with our passion. We are needed to be concise since we are writing for a mobile device. By the end of our write-up, we should be salivating at the thought of visiting the place we’ve written about. We also have to make sure that our language packs a punch. We want to remain smart, punchy, and dynamic to draw the reader in with our language. We keep an open mind and value the team’s feedback, as well as to prepare for an environment that promotes constructive criticism to learn and grow as a writer.

Euro ITS will be expected a daily piece of update that adapts the unique tone and style to the branding the client’s industry. We are goal-based, not time-based. While each of the members have our own targets, everything we do is for the benefit of the team and our collective milestones. Ultimately, we don't forget to use active and positive language. Our whole team represents our brand, which is defined by friendliness, professionalism, and productivity.



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