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Content Marketing

As a Content Marketing specialist, we will be responsible for looking after the curation of content, working with vendors/suppliers/partners to receive marketing material and our internal content team and implementing across our marketing channels. We also work with management to identify high performing content (i.e. interaction, sales, click throughs) and develop more content similar.

Euro ITS will be the one to manage the generation of content with existing social influencers such as webmasters, social media and show business personalities & stars, athletes, and ambassadors. We are also responsible to identify new "influencers/tastemakers" to grow brand and content. Furthermore, we need to establish framework under monthly requirements, with these influencers and ensure content is generated and scheduled. Furthermore, we also have to work together with management to schedule calendar of activities based on top sellers, new products, seasonal products, promotions etc. We also have to schedule this content in and publish based on approval from management/directors.

After the content has been written by a copywriter, wherein it encompasses the process of the assimilation of keywords and educational statements which comprises the actual typescript of the website, the team will now transition it to a sales pitch. The content will now be used for marketing purposes that should meet certain guidelines such as; its power to sway a target audience, adherence to search engine guidelines, and revenue generating goals. The eye-catching marketing strategy of the content compels more visitors and higher traffic on a website or a social networking platform.



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