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Business Development

The Business Development’s emergence over the past few decades flooded the new communications technologies including e-mail, instant messaging, blogging and micro-blogging, text messaging, video conferencing, social networking sites, virtual reality, and many more. The Sales and Support Business Development team uses a variety of theoretical lenses to look at how these technologies shape communication processes, social interaction, individual behavior, and broader society.

Euro ITS Business Development brings together researchers who are interested in the design, usage and implications of these technologies related in the business field. Some examples of our current and recent studies include: content analysis of public postings on Twitter; understanding how technology can shape deception in online dating profiles and instant messaging; using mobile devices to motivate healthier eating habits in children; studying reward distribution in computer-mediated work teams; using social network tools to motivate people to conserve energy; designing tools to support intercultural communication; studying the role of information technology in management of organizational knowledge.

We study the societal practices, meanings, and impacts of media in the public realm. Whether it's understanding the manner in which environmental crises are reported in traditional news coverage or revealing the political inflections of Twitter, our research examines the complex ways in which traditional and emerging media shape and are shaped by the social fabric. To the extent that the forms of media we encounter have exploded as they become ever more digital, networked, and mobile, this research area increasingly includes a critical understanding of communication technologies. Media and technology use are situated within particular contexts in society, which can be examined through their varying contents, forms, structures, effects, and processes.



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