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Artificial Intelligence for Websites

Various Development teams around the world are building an AI to automate web design.

Experimental Adobe project are bringing machine learning and artificial intelligence to the graphic and web design worlds. An amazing leap in speeds to deploy.

The first step in the process was training the ADI system to understand what made a great site and what type of content–like text and images–and structure makes sense for any given profession. “Think of a lawyer versus a plumber versus an art director,” Adobe says. “Each one has different needs and wants a different look and feel.”
To do this, We have found enough visually stunning websites to train the models what a “good” site looks like. Then it mined the web, analysing the best-performing sites for attributes like traffic and conversions. It then used those insights to form best practices that the AI system uses to create websites. Starting with visuals first then moving to metrics ensured that “ugly” sites with high traffic didn’t skew the models.

There are billions of options in any web page design, the chances of two websites looking the same are like winning the lottery. Everything can keep evolving.



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