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APP Dev & UI / UX Experience

The basis for any exceptional app is a design that is intuitive, simple and engaging. Our in-house team of designers are committed to the careful craft of mobile interfaces that are functional, feel natural to use and unite all technical aspects of the app with a design that is complimentary and logical. Such apps can be commended for the quality of the user experience, often known as an app’s UX. Our app designs are tailored specifically to each mobile platform; we are mindful that a one-size fits all approach is not suitable and will defy user expectations and/or platform conventionality. By following UI style guides and best practices for UX, our apps are not only logical but are also ingeniously creative, many of which boast cutting edge navigation, seamless transitions, imaginative animation and powerful imagery and graphics.

User experience is not the same as customer experience.

While most designers directly influence the UX, they also need to understand the larger context of the CX. The customer experience represents every step of the journey from when users are running price comparisons, to when users try the product, to when users may resort to customer service if their needs aren’t met.



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